Retreat stuff

What a great weekend!
Make sure you check out the WLStudents facebook page to see all the videos and pictures from the weekend!


No EPIC, Retreat Deadline

No school = No Epic.  See you Sunday.

Today is the deadline for the early bird retreat registration.  Either 1)Drop off your registration and non-refundable deposit to the church office TODAY, or 2)Email Cindy Yocum, or call her at 267-6623, and let her know you’ll bring your money in on Sunday.
Either way…do it TODAY!


There’s NO EPIC tonight (January 2).
We will start back on January 9.

October 31st: All Small Group night

Just a reminder to check with your small group leader about your plans for tonight.

No EPIC October 24

No EPIC October 24 because of Warsaw Fall Break.
We will be back together on October 31 for All Small Group night.  Each SG is making their own plan.

No Pool Kickball this week

Sorry, we had the wrong info in the bulletin.  Tomorrow night is EPIC, not pool kickball.


Sorry, it looks like there will be thunderstorms all day tomorrow (plus riptides?)…so we’re not going to the dunes.

PLAN B: WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU to Matt and Rachel Johnson’s house from 2-6pm to hang out and eat supper.  Bring your $3 for food and your bathing suit (if it doesn’t storm)…bring a game to play with others, too.

Plan on being dropped off/picked up from THEIR HOUSE.

Matt and Rachel live at 2341 S. Paxton Dr. Warsaw.
Call the church with any questions 267-6623.

Calendar Update for JH Girls!

JH Girls Night 6:30-9pm at Athena’s House (816 Timber Ln in WL). Bring a creative desert topping.
See you there! (unless you’re not a JH girl)

Operation Barnabas visit

We want you to hang and do ministry with the OB team. You are welcome more times, but here are the BIG times we need and want your help (this is going to be good!)

Tuesday 1:45-5pm service projects (lots of people to help and projects to do!)

Wednesday 3:00-10:30pm
3-5pm you’ll be helping with a track on Aaron Scantlen’s new worship album.
5pm supper with OB
6:45 EPIC
After EPIC-10:30pm Cyborgs!

9-11am serving Jefferson Elementary

2-5pm serving at Fellowship Mission

6-8:30 Merrywood program

Let me know any questions.

Friday Night Update!

Here’s what’s stirring in our hearts…

Cindi Trier—— I LOVE JESUS!!!! WHOOT!(: I decided that I wanted to become the Liaison for the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI a while back but i wasn’t sure if thats what God wanted me to do. I didn’t feel Him pulling me away from it but i still wasn’t sure. I told God that i would go to Grace if it offered everything I needed to have my dream job someday! Sure enough the first page i opened to had a bundle of the 3 majors I wanted!(:

Taylor cone
This week has been extremely encouraging. God has laid several things on my heart the last few days, and i have felt God tugging on my heart to be more bold and forthright with my friends and confessing my faith. i have learned that my idol has been feeling too comfortable. i now know that in order to benefit from the spirit and engage in god’s plan for the world i need to step out of my comfort zone and suffer hardships in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Jason Gunter
I’ve just been feeling the urge through out the Momentum time to read the Bible more and start listening to music that is actually God honoring. This is the first time that I’ve felt ANY kind of urge to listen to something other than the heavy type of music that I’ve ALWAYS listened to. I think that God has been working in me and helping me to realize that my music is not the best type of music that I could be listening to. PRAISE THE LORD!!! 😀